St. James Club Antigua Beaches & Pools


Perched on a hillside overlooking Antigua’s beautiful southeastern coast, St. James’s Club offers two idyllic white-sand beaches with very different personalities – the peaceful shores of Mamora Bay and the exciting surf of Coco Beach.

Mamora Bay

Guests can opt to relax or play, with a wide range of non-motorized water sports at their disposal, all free to guests, on Mamora Bay’s beautiful swathe of white sand fringed by palm trees that cast cooling, deep blue shade. Here you will enjoy the views of our lovely, Mediterranean-style villas that dot the verdant hillside, while boats and brightly colored catamarans quietly bob at anchor in the warm Caribbean waters.

Coco Beach

Waves and whitecaps meet the shores our second sweeping beach, perfect for tanning or swimming in the invigorating ocean waters. Had enough sun? No problem. Take refuge in the cool breezes that play among the many swaying palm trees carefully planted here for your enjoyment.


It’s always cool by the pool, so St. James’s Club & Villas guests can chill out in a new location anytime they like: Each of the resort’s six pools has its own distinctive personality.

Reef Deck Pool

The inviting main pool is centrally located just off our Rainbow Garden Restaurant. It offers its own Reef Deck Bar and a friendly atmosphere, suited to those who want to cool off or mix and mingle.

Children’s Pool

The children’s pool is located in the Village and is a splashy gathering spot for kids 12 and under. Kids can play in safety while their parents relax nearby in a chaise lounge.

Tiered Pool

Tucked into its own little hillside corner, our three-tier Tranquility Pool is just the spot for a peaceful dip or a poolside snooze – it’s for adults only.

Coco’s Pool

The fourth pool, a place to lounge or take a post-meal dip, it is adjacent to Coco Beach Restaurant & Bar. Two new pools are set within the new Royal Suite, featuring beautiful waterfall and landscaping.

Royal Suite Waterfall

Two new pools are set within the new Royal Suite, featuring beautiful waterfall and landscaping.

Beyond St. James’s own beaches and pools, you can fill your vacation – or your entire annual calendar – with new beaches to explore. With some 365 beaches to choose from on Antigua, there’s a new beach to visit every day! Closer to the resort, some south coast beach favorites include Frye’s Bay, Darkwood Beach, and the beaches near Johnson’s Point and Rendezvous Bay. Farther afield, Half Moon Bay and Dickenson’s Beach are among tourist and local favorites. The late Princess Diana counted the beaches of nearby Barbuda – and one in particular – among her favorites. Even commoners can hop on a ferry to check out the beautiful expanses of pink sand that so struck her royal fancy.